The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum


The Canadian Northern was amalgamated with the Grand Trunk Railroad by the
Canadian Government to form the Canadian National Railways in 1919.

The Gift Shop
Gift shop
This building was built by the Canadian Northern Railway as a six person bunkhouse circa 1919 and was used in Maymont. The Museum now uses this building as a gift shop.

Brisbin Station

This building is a portable freight and passenger shelter built at Debden in 1918. These buildings were used either as a permanent station in a very small village or as a temporary station in a larger town. They are small enough to fit on a standard flat car and therefore can be easily moved from town to town. In later years many have been converted to tool houses and storage sheds. The Brisbin station was built in Debden by the Canadian Northern and then later moved to Brisbin. In 1960 it was moved to Brock where it was used as a tool shed before coming to the museum in c. 1990.

Borden Tool Shed

Tool sheds were used to store the section gang’s tools and motorcars when they were not being used. Some larger tool sheds also provided space for offices, lunchrooms and washrooms. The Borden tool shed was probably originally built as a portable station or bunk house for the Canadian Northern as it is larger than a standard tool shed and has a small office at one end. It was acquired by the museum in 1997.