The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

Streetcar collection

SRM  has three streetcars:

1. Saskatoon Municipal Railway car #51 built in 1927 by the National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario. This is a double-ended tram with horsehair and rattan seats. It was acquired by the museum in 1994 and was repainted to its original colours. The interior has been carefully restored to almost original condition. Many thanks to PJ Kennedy for his stewardship of both streetcars!

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2. The museum also has a 1911 Preston Car, Tram 40, purchased from the Calgary Municipal Railway. This is a single truck (axle) tram known as a ‘puddle jumper’ that was one of six traded in order to traverse the traffic bridge in Saskatoon. It is a wooden body streetcar, unlike the steel one above. It was acquired in 2000 in a trade for a contemporary city bus.

Wiebe movers pic




3. SMR Car 203 sits at the back of the property. It was built by the Cleveland Car Company in 1918 and ran in Saskatoon from 1941 to 1951. The remaining frame of the car sits in the ‘third  yard’ at the west end of the museum property.

SMR 203