The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The Following Season 03 Episode 02 Download Torrent

Seeds: 148
Peers: 86
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Starring: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Shawn Ashmore

The Following 03x02 torrent

Good rate: 8 Bad rate: 3

Review: The only reason Ive been watching this since episode 1 is in some blind hope of a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately theres no sign of it, every episode is as bad as the previous ones, or even worse. Finally Im giving up.Shockingly superficial developments, lack of the slightest resemblance of rationality and unbelievable/unrelatable characters, no patience with the writing. It seems more like theatre than TV, everything is exaggerated to a point of hilarity. No subtlety, its all very quickly done with little appreciation of human nature. Tries to live off its shock value, both in the gratuitous violence and the ridiculously simplistic unrealistic developments and characters.To me the acting is also poor, especially of the followers, they are so theatrical, doesnt suit motion picture. Kevin Bacon is also unimpressive but theres not much he could have done with the lousy script. Its all very lifeless.Very disappointing, spend your time watching some insightful documentaries instead.Id feel guilty giving it 1 out of 10, after all I did struggle through a few episodes. So I give it 3, cos Im having a good day.

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