80 ton Diesel Electric Locomotive


  • Builder: General Electric
  • Date built: January 1957
  • Class: B/B-160/160-4GE747
  • Model: Centre Cab 80 ton
  • Horse Power 470


Interesting Notes: This centre cab locomotive has two Cummins model NHBIS-600 diesel engines to provide power to four GE-747 traction motors. One of the selling points of this unit by GE was that if one engine needed to be shut down for service the loco-motive could still operate on the other engine This diesel-electric locomotive was purchased new by Saskatchewan Power Corporation in 1957 from Canadian General Electric. For a number of years it operated at the Queen Elizabeth Power Station at Saskatoon. In that location it was used for shunting coal cars to and from the coal fired power plant. In 1988 it was sold to GE Railcar Services which operated a railcar repair service on the south edge of Saskatoon. In 2002, the GE Railcar site in Saskatoon was taken over by Rescar of Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. In 2007 the Saskatoon site of Rescar railcar repair was closed down by that company and the RIP track vacated by October of that year. This locomotive was reported operational in May of 2007. The locomotive was purchased by the Saskatchewan Railway Museum in the fall of 2007. Arriving at the Saskatchewan Railway Museum on the 28th of July 2008 it rounds out the largest collection of diesel locomotives in Saskatchewan.