Sask Power 800-010

Built by General Electric in 1941 for the US Army and later used by the US Air Force. The US government sold this locomotive to used locomotive dealer Mannix Ltd. in the 1960s who resold it to Sask Power in 1965. It is believed that it was used at the A.L. Cole power plant in Saskatoon for a time. In 1985 Sask Power sold it to a predecessor of Ag Pro Grain to switch their Moose Jaw terminal elevator. In 1998 Ag Pro donated 800-010 to the Museum.

800-010 is a General Electric 23 ton diesel electric locomotive powered by a Cummins six cylinder 150 horsepower diesel engine driving a General Electric main generator powering a single traction motor on the rear axle. A chain connecting the two axles drove the front axle. This locomotive is missing its traction motor.

General Electric has been building small diesel electric locomotives (less than 600 horsepower) since 1918, mostly at its Erie, Pennsylvania plant. Since 1960 GE has also been building freight locomotives at its Erie plant and has recently been building passenger locomotives as well. GE is currently the largest producer of diesel electric locomotives in the world.