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Work is continuing on the restoration of the 1912 Grand Truck Pacific wooden caboose. Members meet most Wednesdays in the heated restoration shop to advance the project. Come on by to gauge our progress or check our Facebook page for regular photos of the work being done.

Wooden Caboose

The Saskatchewan Railroad Historical Association and the Saskatchewan Railway Museum salute the many women who have contributed to our success: Gail Byrnes, Evelyn Chimboryk, Jean Clancy, Linda Flory, Lynda Thiesen, Sharon Hayward, Monica Veskerna, Ann Heselton, Susan Wittrup, Louisa Eastuke, Winona Lambert, Marrie-Anne Morrison, Susan Tatler, Dawn Dunlap, and others as well as the numerous women who worked as staff at the museum.

Velocipede 2

The SRM has gathered together a team of volunteers to restore our 1912 CN wooden caboose. The work involves taking off the siding, replacing the insulation, then returning the original siding and painting in original colours. We will restore the roof in the same manner. We hope to then turn our attention to the interior of the caboose. All of this takes money and materials. You can help with this project by making a financial donation no matter how big or small. See our Contact Us page to see how you can make a donation and mark it ‘Wooden Caboose’.  Thank you!

After two years of silence, our 1957 Whiting trackmobile fired up with help from the Saskatchewan British Car Club.  The problem was sticky valves that bent a few pushrods. This vehicle is capable of moving on both rails and roads. See more details under Collection>>Locomotives.