CN 78687 Wooden Caboose

September 2022 The wooden caboose is moved out of the big shop after almost 30 years in restoration. The exterior signage needs to be applied, but the interior, the exterior, and the roof have all been restored to original or as close as possible.

2020-2021 Interior restoration continues on the caboose. New paint is applied to the exterior in Morency orange.

July 2020 – we have a crew dedicated to finishing up the caboose. Norm and Lorne are heading this up. Step 1: secure the exterior. Step 2: replace the roof. Step 3: restore the interior. Step 4: paint and apply signage.

January 2016 – most of the north side of the caboose has been restored and the interior restoration is well underway. The paint is being scraped and the wood restored. Art V has restored the windows in the cupola and Norm is working on the frames. See below. This year, we hope to tackle the roof and the south exterior while continuing to work on the interior.

Dec 2014 – The Museum’s Board of Directors approved a restoration plan that will see the caboose restored to the late 1940’s-early 1950’s vintage. This includes restoring some of the original varnished wood interior with accessories. This restoration work has been entrusted to our reliable Wednesday Crew. Watch for more updates.

Nov 2014 – Work has resumed on the wooden caboose under the direction of the Wednesday Work Crew. We are shoring up the exterior sides with new lumber, adding new insulation and roofing felt. Some roof work needs to be done, then the interior needs a major overhaul. We have a long way to go, but with the dedication of this crew, we can get the work done. At the same time, we are cleaning up the shop after twenty years of cluttering.

Sept 2014 – The SRM’s wooden caboose has been in storage in the Restoration Shop for almost 20 years. Some restoration has been done on it, but we are looking to put together a crew and financing to bring it back to life. If you think you can help, contact the museum!